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Roulette Is A Game For All

Roulette holds a strong place in the hearts of casino players and it has been a perennial favourite for a long time. First played in Europe in the 18th century, this game of chance is one that has beguiled casino players ever since.

ou may have noticed that some casinos offer American and European roulette. There is not too much of a difference between the two games. The big difference is the fact that in addition to the 0 space on the wheel, the American roulette wheel has a 00 space too. This just means that the house has a bigger edge. If a casinos offers both types of roulette, you have a choice to make. Do you choose the European version where the odds are slightly more in your favour or do you opt for the American roulette game, where the rewards are slightly higher?

What bets to place?

One of the best things about roulette is the fact that there is absolutely no need for any skill or experience to be able to bet on roulette. When you think that the simplest bet requires a person to choose between red or black coming up or between odds and evens, it is clear that everyone can have great fun when playing at the roulette table. The stories, myths and legends that have developed over people placing a great deal of money on red or black is part of the excitement about playing roulette. Knowing that with one spin of the roulette wheel you can possibly transform your life is exactly what the glamour and excitement of the casino is all about.

It would be wrong to consider these bets as the only ones worthwhile at the roulette table. In fact, the number of bets available to choose from at the roulette table is huge and there is something for every sort of gambler. When you look at the roulette table, you should notice that it is split into the inside and the outside.

At the outside of the table, you will find the simpler bets. This is where the choice between red and black or odds and evens gets made but there are other bets to find here too. You can bet on the ball stopping on a number between 1 and 18 or stopping on a number between 19 to 36. It is also possible to make a “dozen bet”, where you can place a bet on the ball stopping between 1 and 12, 13 and 24 or 25 and 36. It is also possible to place a bet on the ball landing on any number in a particular column.

All of these bets have better odds for the player but obviously carrier a smaller pay-out for the player. If you have a greater interest in winning, the outside table bets would be of more interest to you.

However, the inside table bets are the ones that provide the greater potential return so if your focus is on winning well, these are the bets you should be looking towards. You can place a straight bet on any individual number, you can place a split bet which is placed on two adjoining numbers. A street line bet places money on any number of the three in a row coming up.

A corner or square bet is a bet on four numbers found in a square layout. You can also place a double street (or a six line) bet, a trio, a basket or even a top line which is a bet on 0 (and 00 if applicable), 1, 2 and 3.
You may not have realised that there were as many bets possible at the roulette table and wheel but this is a casino game that can you have coming back for more on a regular basis.

Emerging roulette games

As technology progresses, it is good to see that roulette games are prevalent in the digital era. Online casinos are big businesses and with mobile casinos providing advanced ways to play, it is important that roulette remains at the forefront of what casino sites and providers have to offer. There are 3D roulette games being provided and many sites find that their live dealer roulette games are amongst the most popular in their selection. Having the chance to interact with real people and dealers from the comfort of your own home is certainly something that appeals to most casino players.

Roulette has always been one of the most important casino games and it looks likely to stay this way for many years to come.

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